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 general information about dual citizenship

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PostSubject: general information about dual citizenship   Thu Aug 23, 2007 5:54 pm

General Information: Dual citizenship means that an individual is a citizen of two countries at the same time. It is also possible to be a citizen of three or more countries. However, every country has its own laws regarding dual citizenship. Some countries allow it, others do not, while some have no particular laws regarding dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is not something that can be applied for. It is a process that happens when a person becomes a citizen of another country, in addition to his or her country of birth. Dual citizenship occurs automatically to some individuals, for example: a child is born in the United States to foreign parents. In this example the child is automatically a citizen of the United States and a citizen of its parent's home country. The same applies to children of U.S. citizens born abroad where the child is both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the country of birth.
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general information about dual citizenship
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